Enabling Safety Technology for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The all new PARASAFE Emergency Parachute Safety System was created by industry leading professionals with over a quarter century in the safety systems business.

Commercial Drone Parachute Emergency Safety System

Our proprietary technology is simple to install and can be retrofitted to nearly any drone to provide a reliable safety system

Safer Drone Flights
for a Safer World

Concerns have been raised about the risk of inadvertent drops as use of drones continues to grow. Reliable safety systems will help to grow the unmanned aircraft industry and improve public perception.

Protecting People, Protecting Drones

Accidental crashes of commercial drones can result in damage compensations and fines, and the public’s loss of confidence. Proven, reliable drone safety technology will improve the landscape.

Flying with a
Sense of Security

Having emergency parachutes will provide enhanced security to unmanned flights, enabling safer missions and allowing use of drones in areas and situations that are currently avoided for safety reasons. 

Proven Safety Systems Technology and Manufacturing

Backed by 100+ years of excellence in innovation, reliability and quality Nippon Kayaku Company produces products for the well-being of society. Our mission in UAS is to enable drone safety. We believe that safety should come as a standard feature in all drones, commercial and non-commercial, we are on a mission to deliver world class safety technologies. PARASAFE is the next evolution of our technology and the automotive industry. Nippon Kayaku has been operating in the automotive industry for 29 years. We build high reliability energetic safety systems for airbags, pretensioners, safety systems. The birth of PARASAFE came from the vision of Nippon Kayaku continuing to protect people. We are a company that cares, offering high reliability products for society.

We Are on a Mission to Enable Drone Safety

Nippon Kayaku Company was founded in 1916 and our Safety Systems Group has operated Globally in the automotive safety industry for over a quarter century, building high reliability energetic devices. Nippon Kayaku knows safety, it is part of our
mission and our “Kayaku Spirit” beliefs. We believe
in offering world-class products and solutions for
the well-being of society.

Designed to Protect People, Property and Payload™

Parasafe represents the next evolution of our automotive grade safety technologies, designed to protect people
and equipment. As seen historically in the
Aviation and Automotive industries, it’s accidents can
and will occur in time, but how it is mitigated will
determine the severity of the outcome. 

Excellence in Innovation, Reliability and Quality

We believe drone safety should come standard, and we are on a mission to deliver the world’s safest drone systems.


Latest press, news and PARASAFE Safety Systems Technology product updates.

The Drone mounted with NIPPON KAYAKU’s parachute system “PARASAFE®” received Class-1 UAS Type Certificate for the 1st time in Japan.

The UAS Type Certification System is the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s certification system to inspect the strength, structure and performance of unmanned aircraft (a type intended to contribute to specified flights under the Aviation Act) to ensure that the design and manufacturing process conform to safety and uniformity standards.

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