Building The World’s Safest Drone: PARASAFE Parent Company Nippon Kayaku Acquires Aero Systems West

Through the acquisition of Aero Systems West and the development of the PARASAFE emergency drone parachute system, Nippon Kayaku becomes vertically integrated to deliver the world's safest drone system.

Nippon Kayaku Company produces products for the well-being of society, our mission in UAS is to enable drone safety. We believe that safety should come as a standard feature in all drones, commercial and non-commercial, we are on a mission to deliver world class safety technologies.

In July of 2021, Nippon Kayaku acquired leading U.S. based commercial drone company, Aero Systems West. ASW is a leading U.S. based industrial drone manufacturer with state-of-the-art cloud-based software to control your drone anywhere in the world.

ASW’s vision is a future where the usability, reliability, and safety of small, unmanned aircraft allow them to become a value-added part of everyday operations in existing industries and those yet to come. Their core values align with Nippon Kayaku’s vision, along with the development of PARASAFE emergency drone parachute system, will deliver the world’s safest drone system.

Aero System’s West is known for their leading HLM commercial drone built with logistics in mind to accommodate the widest possible array of missions. The ASW Heavy Lift Multirotor (HLM) system represents the pinnacle of industrial, heavy lift sUAS. The ASW HLM achieves unparalleled reliability and longevity. Now backed by Nippon Kayaku, and offering the PARASAFE drone safety system, the ASW HLM will continue to lead the industry in reliability, longevity, adaptability, and most importantly, safety.

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We Are Safety™

Accidents can and will happen, how they are mitigated will differentiate one business from the another. PARASAFE was developed for the sole purpose of addressing this potential, our safety system will protect people, property, and payload.

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