Backed by Over 29 Years of Safety Expertise

Created by Nippon Kayaku and utilizing nearly three decades of automotive safety system history, the PARASAFE drone safety solution is reliable to the highest safety standards. 

PARASAFE Mounted to the Aero Systems West Octocopter

We Are Safety™

As the unmanned aircraft industry continues to evolve, PARASAFE was developed to reliably protect drones and people from harm.

Safer Missions

Drone use is expanding world-wide. With continued growth in UAS comes responsibility, not only for regulatory
compliance but for public perception as well. PARASAFE is an enabler for safer missions, designed by professionals
that know and care about safety.


Protecting People

At Nippon Kayaku, the concern for human safety and the well-being of society are at the core of our beliefs. We are committed to offering UAS safety-enabling technologies that move the industry forward. Protecting people demands high reliability products, PARASAFE answers this need.

Protecting Property

Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, Nippon Kayaku recognizes the importance of your investments and the need to protect them. We have been in business for over 100-years and are sensitive to the needs of our customers. PARASAFE was designed not only for safety of people but also to protect your
investment in the event of an accident.

Proven Safety Systems Technology and Manufacturing

Nippon Kayaku has over 100 years of manufacturing expertise and has been a leader in the safety systems technology industry for 29 years. We are recognized globally for delivering high reliability, long-lasing products.  Manufacturing over 1 billion parts with 0ppm (no defects) and over a century in business, the drone safety system PARASAFE is on a mission to provide the highest safety standards and reliability to the unmanned aircraft industry.

Our Mission to Enable Drone Safety

PARASAFE represents the next evolution of our automotive grade safety technologies, designed to protect people and equipment. Nippon Kayaku Company was founded in 1916 and our Safety Systems Group has operated Globally in the automotive safety industry for over a quarter century, building high reliability energetic devices.

The Kayaku Spirit

We believe in continuously providing society with the best products through ceaseless progress
and the combined forces of our consciences.

Fly with Confidence

PARASAFE incorporates our proprietary fast deploying energetic actuator along with our lightweight parachute and Automatic Triggering System (ATS), all designed by our safety UAS professionals. PARASAFE delivers on mission safety at the highest level of reliability. 

We Design For The Well-Being of Society

PARASAFE represents the next evolution in our safety products line-up. Designed and tested to stringent standards, whether being used for adding an additional layer of safety or to protect an investment, we are confident PARASAFE will serve its mission well and respond when needed.

Company News

The Drone mounted with NIPPON KAYAKU’s parachute system “PARASAFE®” received Class-1 UAS Type Certificate for the 1st time in Japan.

The UAS Type Certification System is the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s certification system to inspect the strength, structure and performance of unmanned aircraft (a type intended to contribute to specified flights under the Aviation Act) to ensure that the design and manufacturing process conform to safety and uniformity standards.

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