PARASAFE Commercial Drone Parachute System


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PARASAFE Specifications (PS-CA12-01)


1kg = 2.2 lbs.

Product Size

Φ130mm x H145mm = Φ5″ x H6″


Performance Supportable Weight

25kg = 55lbs

Parachute Size (Area)

11㎡ = 118 ft²

Altitude Loss – 16 Meters

Vertical fall from start to deployment of parachute

Automatic Trigger System (ATS)

Power Supply

Integrated into Automatic Trigger System (ATS) Module

Operating Temperature

0 to 40C (32F to 104F)

Weather Performance

IP 53


Any orientation.


Pelican Hard Case

Complimentary hard shell Pelican storage case comes standard. Doubles as safe shipping for annual maintenance and inspection. 

PARASAFE Parachute Demonstration

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Proven System

Our energetic technology is
industry proven with over
100-years of know-how in
this field. We pride ourselves
in producing high reliability
components. Our energetic
actuator is fast deploying, reliable,
and tested in accordance with
stringent industry standards. Built
to last and designed around our
automotive safety technology, this
system will deliver as promised.
We stand behind the quality of our

Deployment (ATS)

The Automatic Trigger System
(ATS) is an integral part of
PARASAFE, designed and built by
our own team of drone engineers.
Designed to be deployed
manually or autonomously, our
proprietary system is dependable
and tested in accordance with
ASTM standards.

Easy Install

PARASAFE is designed for easy
installation and can be mounted
in various orientations. We
recognize that not all drones
are built the same so let us
assist you. Our engineers. We
can work with your team on
any special mounting requests
or offer creative solutions. Our
installation manual and videos
provide valuable guidance in the
installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

PARASAFE mounting is done with industry grade hardware, there are several mounting points that secure it to the drone.

Parasafe can be installed in the top center or side arm if needed, our engineers can assist or customize a workable solution for you.

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First time mounting requires identifying a suitable location, top center or a side arm for example, then the mounting process itself is about 45-minutes. Once PARASAFE is installed, if removal is needed it would only take a few minutes.

Parasafe is designed to be deployed at a minimum of 30 meters (98 feet) of altitude.


Parasafe utilizes a proprietary Automatic Trigger System (ATS) developed by us, it can be either manually triggered or automatically triggered if flying autonomous.

We don’t recommend repacking the parachute, to ensure PARASAFE’s safety performance. PARASAFE is not designed to be used multiple times.

Parasafe’ s proprietary deployment system is self-contained and no fire hazard is posed. Our technology comes from our 29-years of expertise producing pyrotechnic safety devices for the automobile industry. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our PARASAFE product Instruction Manual.

Parasafe was developed and tested to the highest safety standards, as all our automotive safety devices have been. We have worked closely with US governing, regulatory, and enforcement agencies to assure our product classification (Class 9) meets all legal guidelines for the production and sale to our customers.

Parasafe’ s Automatic Trigger System (ATS) incorporates a safety pin to prevent inadvertent activation. With the safety pin removed before flight, the ATS will only deploy Parasafe either by manual (pilot control) control or in air by automatic control upon detection of pre-programmed fail conditions.

Parasafe’ s ATS is IP54 rated (water protection rated), it will deploy the parachute upon command regardless of weather condition.

Parasafe product weight is approximately 1 kg (2.2 lbs.), it is the user’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with our product specifications and properly size it to the drone. We are more than glad to help and assist with any questions or concerns.

Parasafe is scheduled to be released within the 1st quarter of 2022 in the USA. We will be rolling out our introductory pre-sale pricing soon. In Japan, the product has already released to some of our early customers.


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