Automatic Triggering System (ATS)

Compatible PARASAFE® Model: PS-CA12-01

The Automatic Trigger System (ATS) is an integral part of PARASAFE®, designed and built by our own team of drone engineers.

Designed to enable your system to meet ASTM F3322, our proprietary system is dependable and tested in accordance with ASTM standards.

Suitable for customers who require regulatory certification, ATS has achieved type certification and ASTM compliance*.

*First type certified ever in Japan with an external customer’s drone.  ASTM compliant with ASW HLM Quadcopter and Parasafe 25kg estimated certification in 2024.

Automatic Trigger System (ATS)


W 100mmxD 62mmxH 21mm



Power Supply

5V DC +/- 0.5V at 500mA max

Operating Temp

0 – 40℃

Weather Performance


Triggering Tuning

Product Manual Download

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Frequently Asked Questions

PARASAFE mounting is done with industry grade hardware, there are several mounting points that secure it to the drone.

Parasafe can be installed in the top center or side arm if needed, our engineers can assist or customize a workable solution for you.

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First time mounting requires identifying a suitable location, top center or a side arm for example, then the mounting process itself is about 45-minutes. Once PARASAFE is installed, if removal is needed it would only take a few minutes.

Parasafe is designed to be deployed at a minimum of 30 meters (98 feet) of altitude.


The PARASAFE parachute cannot be repacked.

Parasafe’ s proprietary deployment system is self-contained and no fire hazard is posed. Our technology comes from our 30-years of expertise producing pyrotechnic safety devices for the automobile industry. We recommend familiarizing yourself with our PARASAFE product Instruction Manual.

Parasafe was developed and tested to the highest safety standards, as all our automotive safety devices have been. We have worked closely with US governing, regulatory, and enforcement agencies to assure our product classification (Class 9) meets all legal guidelines for the production and sale to our customers.

Parasafe product weight is approximately 1 kg (2.2 lbs.), it is the user’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with our product specifications and properly size it to the drone. We are more than glad to help and assist with any questions or concerns.

PARASAFE is available now with the manual triggering system from our distribution partners Aero Systems West.

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